About Brawl Studios

Brawl Studios is a small game studio determined to make and publish high-quality games!

Brawl Studios was founded by 2 kids with a dream to become big game devs!


The name was "Brawl Studios" made by CEO + Founder Fluffy-Fat-Duck, a gamer and game developer! 

The logo and the website were designed by Founder William who is a game developer, programmer, and marketing specialist (kinda)

We have released several games so far, our most popular being Fakenite and Sticky 2, and our newest being Sticky Explore. All of our games are currently free to play, but we are working on DLC and/or in-app-purchases for some of our games!

We are currently working on an online-multiplayer mobile game that will be announced Late Summer of 2019!

For updates on Brawl Studios, turn on notifications for our YouTube channel and follow @itzscrappi on Instagram!

Thank you for reading and deciding to check out our website!


William (Founder)